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Fondata in anul 1993, firma English franã§ais î•î»î»î·î½î¹îºî¬ tã¼rkã§e free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals, covering all subjects and many languages search browse suggest a journal about support doaj! Statistics contact journals added last 7 days journals added last 30 days open access info for publishers abstract search result page title: night eating disorders author: fatma ã–zlem orhan ; deniz tuncel abstract: hunger is an awakening related biological impulse. The relationship between hunger and sleep is moderated by the control of homeostatic and circadian rhytms of the body. Abnormal eating behavior during sleep period could result from different causes. Abnormal eating during the main sleep period has been categorized as either night eating syndrome or sleep related eating disorder. viagra without prescription online usa 100 mg generic viagra cheap generic viagra viagra for sale viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription viagra online buy generic viagra generic viagra no rx Night eating syndrome (nes) is an eating disorder characterised by the clinical features of morning anorexia, evening hyperphagia, and insomnia with awakenings followed by nocturnal food ingestion. Recently night eating syndrome, conceptualized as a delayed circadian intake of food. Sleep-related eating disorder, thought to represent a parasomnia and as such included within the revised international classification of sleep disorders (icsd-2), and characterized by nocturnal partial arousals associated with recurrent episodes of involuntary food consumption and altered levels of consciousness. Whether, however, sleep-related eating disorder and night eating syndrome represent different diseases or are part of a continuum is still debated. This review summarizes their characteristics, treatment outcomes and differences between them. Journal: psikiyatride guncel yaklasimlar issn: 13090658 eissn: 13090674 year: 2009 volume: 1 issue: 2 pages/rec. No: 132-154 keywords night eating syndrome ; sleep-related eating disorder ; obesity doaj - directory of open access journals | 2012 | lund university libraries | head office. Racterized as a circadian delay of food intake with normal circadian timing of sleep onset. The level of consciousness during episodes of nocturnal eating, almost impaired in sleep-re. SC ELECTROPLUS COMPANY SRL s-a dezvoltat in ramura automatizarilor industriale, in special pe domeniul sudurii si debitarii automate

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